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Two By Two Fics; A Firefly Fan_Fic Community
Welcome to 2by2fics, a Firefly/Serenity prompt challenge community. We welcome all ships and pairings, both romantic & non-romantic, canon & fanon. 2 by 2 - that means two characters and two prompt tables. Please read the rules before joining & have fun! ♥
Step One; Join. This helps us cut back on spam and easily track how many members we have. We accept everyone, but you won't be able to read any of the fics if you just watch and don't join.

Step Two; Choose your characters. You must choose two, as that is the point. We welcome all ships including crack, (i.e, Monty/Badger-Cause my co-mod just put that image in my head.) slash & CSI (Crazy Space Incest.)

Step Three; Choose your prompt tables. They are listed here. Once again you must choose two. You may write one table-one character, both characters for both tables, or if you'd only like to write 10 fics, combine two prompts per fic.

Step Four; Stake your claim. Once you have decided on your characters & chosen your prompt tables you may make your claim here.

Step Five; Once you have completed steps 1-4 please post a link to your prompt tables here. Thankies!!

•Is there a limit to how many claims we can make??
No there isn't, but please know your own limits. If you can write six claims at once, go for it; if not then please hold back and do one at a time. ♥

•How many people can claim the same pairing at the same time?
There is no limit. There used to be, but I think no limit works better. Once you have made your claim you will be added to our claims post where we keep track of who has a finished/or active claim within the community.

•Is there a deadline?
No, but we do ask that you post at least semi-regularly. (i.e, once a month or so.)

•Are crossxovers allowed?
I'm sorry no, this is a Firefly/Serenity Verse' community only.

•Are multi-chaptered fics (using a prompt or set per chapter) OK?
Of course! We encourage you to write multi-chaptered fics using out prompts.

•Are NC-17 works allowed here?
Yes, but please tag appropriately. Don't know how to tag, go here.

•Help! I can't finish my claim, what do I do?
It's alright, we understand life sometimes gets in the way. Just drop us a note here and let us know.

G; No sex, violence or things of that nature.
T; Violence & strong language.
R; Violence, strong lanuage & sexual content.
NC-17; Violence, strong language & explicit sexual content.

Contact your mods Willow_Reece or An_Ardent_Rain or go here.

Once you have finished your claim please let us know by posting here. After that we will mark your claim as finished here, in the claims post where you recive a pretty banner made by turtle_goose or if she is unable I/or my co-mod will find someone to fill in. Thankies!! ♥


Disclaimer;We do not own Firefly/Serenity or it's characters. They belong to Joss Whedon. (Lucky ruttin' hun dun....)
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